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Dreaming Mutiny

Dreaming Mutiny



Inspired by the empowered creativity of my lifelong friend, 

Linet Andrea.


Sandalwood - Purify, clear the past

Vetiver -Centering root, earth and trunk

Cinnamon- passion, movement by attraction

Coconut flower- exoticism, sensitivity

Grapefruit - Readiness, freshness

Damask rose- Love


15 ml. Roll On: 45€

 2 ml. Roll On: 10€

100 ml. HairMist Spray 45€ (to purchase contact

30 ml. Hair Mist Spray 20 € (to purchase contact

  • 15ml Roll On

  • 2 ml Roll On

  • 100 ml Spray

  • 30 ml Spray

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