By: Constant Couteille

Aedín Walsh


  "my perfume is half-finished already, I am addicted to it.  And so many comment on it.  You are a genius, I love you. x "


"... I need more perfume  ... it was even in my dream last night, the perfume you made me... arrived on a cart in a bell jar, bubbling the golden oil like a slow honey fountain past the snakeskin.... I was doing swinging trapeze . "


" what an amazing witch full of talents you are  "

Alexandra Karam

Montreal, Ca.

" I am totally in love with my ayin perfume. You have made several for me.   I love and adore them all —  But this one I’m using every day, and am totally obsessed with and overjoyed to put on. You have created something unique and amazing and so very beautiful. 



it is now essential…!!!  I can’t live without it.. "

Erin Wilson


"Just put on your rose oil tonight and love it so so much -« 

everyday the beautiful  roller goes over my wrists and back of neck - the smells are distinctly reminiscent of a magic, of something I don't have enough of - gorgeous -

I loved every single one of them! They have so much personality and they're so sensual".

G.Randall Wright


"Today, i coated myself with the perfume you made me; everyone is talking about this scent today

do u much u r  inspiring"?

Jani Hietasenjani


"Life has surprising opportunities stored up it's sleeve. Last week a chance emerged unexpectedly to design my own perfume with gentle and wise guidance of a genuine scent alchemist (Ayin 🌹). I mean who would refuse?

So, ladies and gentlemen, here it is:

- a good splash of centering and unswerving positive identity

- another splash of calm, ripe strength

- two nice squirts of readiness and heart fortitude

- few drops of clarity, communion, power of presence and appreciation of my feminine side

This is Birdnest 💜

"Thank you so much for guiding me through the process Ayin. This scent has been my source of strength and calming inspiration ever since 🌸"

Rebecca Foon


  "they are so beautiful!! 

   the oils are so stunning.

   omg you are AMAZING!


   this is brilliant!!!!!!

   this is so beautiful!


  I am so excited to try your new oils!! »


 they are totally perfect and amazing   and I am so in love!


 You are so beautiful and you give each of us so much, we are taking it all in - it got right in our hearts like nothing else.


I adore you."

Sebastien Haton

Burgundy, France

Here you have a magicien of scent, a creator of perfumes which enchant your soul and anchor it to this world inhabited by angels and ferries, sprites and greenbriers.  Ayin De Sela©, exclusive supplier of our house since 2014.  To be experienced absolutely, it's possible to co-create your own scent;  no side effects except perhaps  you may become habituated ....!"

Mathilde Bayen

Rhone-Alpes, France

I" received the perfume; I think I have finally found my oder.! I adore it.  Thank you once again for your work!

I fell in love with this scent which I now smell everywhere"!

Thank you for your  delicate alchemical finesse and balance"!